ActiveOptionTrade Review

ActiveOptionTrade Review

ActiveOptionTrade ( is another rotten Crypto Currency platform to hit the lucrative trading world. Active Option Trade is purporting to be a UK based digital currency provider with years of trading experience. ActiveOption Trade is claiming to offer Bitcoin Escrow software, mining, exchange, investment, and software development. All these could be helpful if only this platform was offering true services. Read this eye-opening and honest ACTIVEOPTIONTRADE Review for more details.

ActiveOptionTrade Review

ActiveOptionTrade Review

Months have passed on since Jamie sent his withdrawal request with this platform. Jamie had invested over $30,000 with this platform hoping to jump in the lucrative Crypto wagon. Little did he know that ActiveOptionTrade is another online investment trading platform pouncing on investors. With many other complaints being visible on the web, it is clear we are dealing with a slimy platform. We must expose some of the tricks used by this scam platform to ensure the Crypto trading world is safe.

Scam artists have gone a step further and decided to clone real websites in stealing from investors. ActiveOptionTrade is one of them as they have decided to entice users with their over the moon claims. Upon visiting this page, it is clear why some newbie investors would fall for this scam. The website looks real and they even have a welcoming message to anyone who visits the page. Thanks to our years of investing and trading, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away.

About ActiveOptionTrade Review

Apart from claiming to be based in the UK and leaving a Google map, not much is known about this platform. Scam artists will do or say anything to ensure their platforms get the attention from investors. Looking at their website, their About Us page claims the platform is owned by ActiveOptionTrade Limited. We looked at the company register and could not find any company licensed in the UK with this name. It seems we are dealing with a platform whose mother company is unknown.

Anonymity is another red flag we must raise with this platform. Who are the founding members of this platform? Why can’t we get the actual names of people who are running the show? Without the actual details, this remains to be a risky venture. Scam artists will hide behind anonymity as it ensures they can’t be traced. Have you noticed no one is named in regards to being a staff with this platform? ActiveOptionTrade is not to be trusted with funds due to their anonymous nature.

Is ActiveOptionTrade licensed or registered?

With claims of being based in the UK, you would expect the platform to be licensed by the FCA. The Financial Conduct Authority is the body mandated to license and regulate Forex trading entities. With their website always on cue, we searched to try and get the full details of Active Option Trade. No information popped up regarding any broker or platform licensed under this name. It is apparent that we are dealing with an anonymous and unregistered online trading entity.

Another disturbing feature with ActiveOptionTrade is they fail to post any details regarding their regulation. You would expect this platform to post details of their license and registration for all to see. What we noticed is the lack of any documents to prove that they have been properly regulated. We also contacted various regulatory bodies in the EU region to try and confirm their status. Bodies such as CONSOB, CySEC, FSC, and others had never licensed this entity.

Advantages of ActiveOptionTrade

We could not find any advantage of dealing with this anonymous platform. In fact, we urge all investors to stay clear of this platform as evidence is enough to warrant an official investigation. How can there be an advantage of dealing with a platform which refuses members to withdraw funds? With this as proof, we hope authorities will investigate this platform and shut them down. Such platforms are a disgrace and are tarnishing the good Crypto Currency trading name. Stay away from the platform in question.

Disadvantage of ActiveOptionTrade

Account types

ActiveOptionTrade Account Types

ActiveOptionTrade is furnishing users with four account types which they fail to mention. When you visit their pricing page, you can see how users get to buy Bitcoins as various prices. Selling price of Bitcoins is also listed which means these are their trading accounts. You would expect the broker to charge a minimum deposit before signing up, none is available. This adds more questions than answers.

Deposit and withdrawal

Account funding is made easy and fast thanks to the available methods of depositing funds. Users can deposit funds using American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. Once you deposit, the process takes less than five minutes for the funds to transfer to their accounts. What still remains to be a huge problem with this platform is the lack of withdrawal. What seems to be a reason why most users are crying foul is withdrawing. None of them has been able to withdraw even $50 from this platform.

Fake testimonials

To make sure that their platform appears to be working, they have posted fake testimonials on their homepage.  These people don’t appear on any social media platforms which is weird. It would have been easy to get a hold of these people using social media channels. Scam artists know it and make sure the testimonials are fake people who can’t be accessed. Now you know about this fake platform.

Unfounded claims

Looking at the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, you can see some claims posted. Some of the claims include over 369K Active accounts, 243K Daily transactions, and $198.76B market cap. With such a high account number and market cap, you would expect the platform to be well-known. None of the expert traders in the UK have ever heard of this platform. It goes without saying that these scam artists are clearly fooling investors. We have unmasked their dirty tricks.

Are funds safe with ActiveOptionTrade?

Security of funds is never guaranteed by a broker who is anonymous and lacks proper licensing. Another shocking revelation with this platform is in regards to pooling of funds. It turns out Active Option Trade is merging assets in one account. Users are enriching the pockets of these scam artists immediately they deposit funds.

Is ActiveOptionTrade a scam?

ActiveOptionTrade Trading Platform

Evidence clearly shows we are dealing with an offshore broker targeting European investors. From lack of proper regulation to unfounded claims, ActiveOptionTrade is a scam. Mark all their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs. Stay away and avoid being their next victim.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist to ensure none of our readers fall for their enchantments.

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